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Philip Edwards Garden Design comprises myself and my partner Judith – plus any contractors needed when gardens are being installed. Gardens have been my life since leaving school. In 1987, I was awarded a certificate in landscape construction via a full-time course at Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Surrey. I learnt design skills during my first job, before in 1996 setting up my own company to offer both garden design and construction.

Philip Edwards Garden DesignI enjoy designing for all types of garden, from small courtyards to large estates, from contemporary to historic gardens, from family gardens to retirement gardens, from newbuild to listed properties. As a result of my long and wide experience, I am able to combine an expertise in hard and soft construction with a detailed knowledge of planting schemes for shrubs and trees appropriate to a garden's specific soil and climate conditions.

Additional services we can provide include authentic hand-made pebble mosaics made to unique designs suggested by clients; and highly-specialised and timely pruning of shrubs, roses and fruit trees. See examples in the Portfolio.

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